Offering superior glass products since 1997, ASW ensures top-notch quality at affordable rates. Trust us for durable glass wardrobe doors, pool fences, and shower screens across Australia.

Upgrade your bathroom for a fair price with the elegance and functionality of glass shower enclosures from Australian Shower Screens and Wardrobes. Our shower screens redefine your bathing experience, offering not just style but also convenience, beauty, and durability. Today you will discover the key features of our enclosures and explore the commitment to quality that sets ASW apart. Most of our glass is processed in Australia, contributing to the Australian economy and supporting local businesses and employers.

ASW Company Overview

Australian shower screenASW takes pride in its extensive experience, qualified team, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. As a leading provider of glass solutions in Australia, we understand the diverse needs of our customers. Our goods come with customization options, allowing you to tailor the design to suit your unique preferences and bathroom layout.

At ASW Company, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our glass shower screens. From materials to fittings, our products meet the highest standards. Our commitment to quality is backed by relevant certifications, giving you confidence in the longevity and safety of your purchase.

Key Features of Glass Shower Screens

corner shower screensASW's glass shower screens are designed to redefine your bathroom experience, seamlessly blending elegance with practicality. Let's delve into the key features that set our glass shower screens apart and elevate your bathing space to new heights.

  • Adaptive Design. One of the standout features of ASW's glass shower screens is their adaptive design. Whether your bathroom design exudes classic charm or modern sophistication, our screens effortlessly complement various styles. You can find frameless shower screens, semi-frameless shower screens, and even fully framed shower screens based on your needs.
  • Safety First. Your well-being is paramount, and ASW prioritizes safety in the design of our goods. Crafted from high-quality materials and built with precision, our screens offer a secure enclosure without compromising on style, no matter the free-standing panels or fixed panels it is. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that every shower is a safe and relaxing experience.
  • Durability that Endures. Investing in Australian Shower Screens and Wardrobes means investing in durability. Our products are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring longevity and sustained elegance. Quality materials and expert craftsmanship come together to create a product that not only looks stunning but also maintains its integrity, even in the face of daily use. Enduro Shield is a feature that simplifies cleaning and provides additional protection. Numerous customer reviews confirm this fact.

Installation Options

glass shower screensWe understand the value of your time, so our glass shower screens are engineered for easy installation. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional assistance, the installation process is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our detailed instructions and user-friendly design make transforming your bathroom a breeze.

Quality and Certifications

At ASW, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our glass shower screens, wardrobe sliding doors, etc. From materials to fittings, our products meet the highest standards. Our commitment to quality is backed by relevant quality certifications, giving you confidence in the longevity and safety of your purchase.

Product Price
Semi Frameless Shower Screen Wall to Wall With Magnetic Pivot Door 1950H adjustable $315.00
Frameless Shower screen Corner Hinge Panel & Door & Infill & Return 2050H $590.00
Frameless Shower Screen Hinge Panel & Door Bathtub 1500H pre-drilled glass $400.00
Frameless Shower Screen Wall to Wall Door hinged of wall 2000H $420.00
Frameless Shower Screen Corner Fixed Panel & Sliding Door & Return 2000H $670.00
Frameless Shower Screen Corner Hinge Panel & Door & Return 2000H pre-drilled holes glass $480.00
Semi Frameless Shower Screen Wall to Wall with Double Sliding Doors 2000H Adjustable $520.00
Semi Frameless Premium Shower Screen With Pivot Door and Return 2000H 850-980 x 900 $690.00
Fully Framed Corner Shower screen with black horizontal rails Pivot Door 2000H $300.00
Frameless Shower Screen Wall to Wall Fixed & Sliding Door 2000H $569.50 $670.00


What are the key benefits of installing glass shower enclosures?

Glass shower enclosures offer easy maintenance, timeless beauty, and durability, enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom.

How long does it take to install a glass shower enclosure?

The installation time varies based on the chosen option. If you choose to install it yourself, then it all depends on your skills. Professional installation may be faster.

What is Enduro Shield, and how does it benefit glass shower screens?

Enduro Shield is an optional feature that simplifies cleaning and provides additional protection, ensuring your glass shower screen remains in pristine condition.

Can you customize the glass shower enclosures to fit non-standard bathroom layouts?

Yes, at ASW Company we offer custom manufacturing to tailor the design of your glass shower enclosure to fit non-standard bathroom layouts seamlessly. Also, we can make mirrors cut to size for your house.

Find out how much a shower screen for your bathroom costs in our catalog, and buy from us with complete confidence in the quality of our products.

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