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Return and Refund policy

Dear customers!

All of the items, goods and lists of fittings and accessories on our site, have corresponding quality certificates. Before sending to the client, all products undergo a thorough check by our employees.


The warranty applies to all products purchased within the preceding 12 months.

Please note that all the warranty complaints require proof of purchase, so keep the receipt and invoice until the end of the warranty period. In addition, the warranty does not cover damages as a result of improper use of the product.

Return policy

The return policy for all products on the site, complies with the Australia consumer protection Act. If you return goods due to a manufacturing fault, please take a photo or make a video of the damage and send us via email at:

We will process your inquiry in the shortest possible time and contact you to clarify the warranty terms. In addition, our company pays for the return delivery of the goods of improper quality so you need not be inconvenienced by further charges incurred by that which is beyond your control.

Please note: goods damaged during installation by the third party masters or a buyer, are not subject to exchange or return!

If the product you purchased from us does not meet your expectations or does not work properly, be sure to contact us via email at:

Please note: We do not refund goods for those who are seeking a return due to a change of mind, so be sure to choose carefully before purchasing so as to avoid this unfortunate occurrence.

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    One-year product warranty guaranteed!
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    The prices are below the market range due to the European approach which allows us to minimize the cost of running the business.
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