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Coloured Glass Splashbacks


Glass splashbacks from ASW company

What is a splashback? It is the part of the wall above the work surface, and which often gets soiled in the process of food preparation and cooking. The backsplash is the perfect opportunity to decorate it with an easy to clean and practical material depending on your needs, price availability, style and colour.

Glass kitchen splashbacks are aesthetically pleasing and are excellent replacements for traditional ceramic tile. Tempered glass, from which the glass splashbacks are produced, are durable and convenient to use. It is easy to remove oils, grease, stains, and any other kind of contaminants on it. As glass is a glossy, non-porous surface, it is easy to wipe the splashback with a damp cloth or with glass cleaner. Furthermore, this surface withstands damage from steam or moisture, so long as it is installed properly with a silicone based caulking to fill in available gaps to the wall.

Glass kitchen splashbacks from ASW company have some advantages:

  • Durability: If some boiling oil, hot steam, or water gets onto the surface, it will save its original appearance. The tempered glass will not break during delivery and professional installation. You can read more about goods delivery from our company on the Delivery Information page.
  • Ease of care: Glass splashbacks are clean, hygienic and do not retain bacteria, contamination, or stains, making them a great timeless choice.
  • Wide variety of colours: Panels resist damage and bleaching from acute and frequent exposure to UV radiation, retaining the original vibrant colours and hues without showing signs of fade and ageing.
  • Attractive look: With the help of the glass splashbacks, you will emphasise your polished, urban taste which is sure to garner a lot of compliments from guests to your home.
  • Affordable price: To save money, choose one of the variants from the catalogue, or consult designs choices with our team of specialists.
  • Rubbish-free installation: To affix the item to the wall, special silicone is used. Therefore, installation is performed practically without dust and dirt.

What glass panels can you buy in Australia?

In our ASW ecommerce store, you can buy glass kitchen splashbacks inexpensively from the manufacturer. Glass splashbacks are made to any dimensions and thickness. One of the main criteria for selection is the colour of the material.

At ASW-ONLINE, you can choose glass splashbacks of any colour. To order a unique kitchen splashback design in Australia according to your specific requirements, contact our managers at 0421 572 949. We will consult you and help to make the right choice in glass splashback purchasing.

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